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How to listen to YouTube music when wifi is not available?

  • STEP 1: find the song you like on YouTube, click share button and copy video link (URL address)
  • STEP 2: open Listen To YouTube, click in the white box, paste video link and press download button
  • STEP 3: now convert YouTube to mp3 and save to your device, or download video mp4 file
  • Listen to YouTube offline, anytime, anywhere

    Greetings, you've come to the oldest YouTube to mp3 converter online. It is Listen to YouTube, it's cool, fresh, new design, awesome new features, works great, loads fast, https secure, one of the most reliable tools to convert YouTube videos to mp3 out there.. We come from years of experience, we know how to extract audio from YouTube video, convert it to mp3 and download quickly and painlessly. Try it out, you can copy video URL and paste into white box above, hit Enter; or you can use the box to type in some search keywords and find videos on YouTube, simply click on any result to proceed to YouTube mp3 converter screen. Easy, understandable process that requires zero tech knowledge. Except maybe video link copy-paste process, but even that is eased with the direct YouTube search. Zene.Tube even works with YouTube playlists, just copy page URL and paste into the white box, hit Enter and see the list, download any video as mp3 or mp4 format.

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    If you don't like to copy & paste video URL, try to search YouTube videos from the input box above.

    Top music from YouTube

    Find top 20 trending music videos on YouTube and convert to mp3 to get the cool sound of tomorrow.

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    Save large music videos to mp4 file on your device to watch later offline without extra data transfer.

    Try YouTube playlist

    Copy YouTube music or video playlist URL address, and bring it here. Listen to YouTube mp3 playlist.

    Listen to YouTube supports 400+ websites

    That's right, now you can listen to and watch offline videos from hundreds of audio/video websies and social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit videos can be converted to mp3, all we need is a video link in the white box, so there's no avoiding copy-pasting here. And then there's close to 420 websites (that we know of) which cannot hide their video from mp4 download. Vkontakte, Coub, Weibo, Odnoklassniki, Rutube, Tubmlr, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and many many other video sites are supported here at Zene.Tube. Try paste page URL address into the white box, hit download button and see if we can help you download online video to mp4 file or convert it to mp3, save for offline access, when wifi is not available.

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    Listen to YouTube with our super-awesome, free web app. It has no usage limits, it works as good as the website and performs all the similar features. It needs Chrome or Edge browsers for best functionality, it may not work well on Apple devices. Click the button above to show standard browser prompt to get the app. If button doesn't install the app, try to go via browser menu Add to home screen option, but it may only be visible on mobile devices. After all, when installed, this app doesn't ask for updates, occupies very little space, and works great, that's very true.

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    This button you can use to avoid the video copy-paste process and quickly convert it to mp3 or download mp4 without the need to worry about its URL addres. To make this work, drag the button above to your browser's bookmarks (this maybe most suitable for desktop or laptop machines), then click it while streaming some video somewhere (not only YouTube) to find yourself here and video download links are also coming here. So you can save lots of time with this button, if you use this site a lot. Listen to YouTube mp3 faster with bookmarklet.